Analysis of albert beveridges americas destiny essay

Beveridge delivers a strong economic and military statement for maintaining the Philippines. Theirs was the geography of the world.

They planted no sluggard people, passive while the world's work calls them. I have cruised more than 2, miles through the archipelago, every moment a surprise at its loveliness and wealth.

The Many Shades of Manifest Destiny

We will not retreat from either. Beveridge shares this belief. A few of them have a sort of verbal understanding of the democratic theory, but the above are the examples of the ideas of the practical workings of self-government entertained by the aristocracy, the rich planters and traders, and heavy employers of labor, the men who would run the government.

Pray God that spirit never falls. Thus the Declaration itself recognizes other forms of government than those resting on the consent of the governed The word "consent" itself recognizes other forms, for "consent" means the understanding of the thing to which the "consent" is given; and there are people in the world who do not understand any form of government.

Is there a geographical interpretation to the Constitution. The most ardent advocate of self-government that I met was anxious that I should know that such a government would be tranquil because, as he said, if anyone criticized it, the government would shoot the offender. We have been delayed, first, by a failure to comprehend the immensity of our acquisition; and, second, by insufficient force; and, third, by our efforts for peace.

Beveridge and the Rhetoric of Imperial Expansion In a politico-prosopographical component of this focus, students can be introduced to a truly key spokesman of that ethos of conquest typified in the exploits of McKinley's presidency and that of his successor Teddy Roosevelt: Self-government, when that will best secure these ends, as in the case of people capable of self-government; other appropriate forms when people are not capable of self-government.

Manifest Destiny And Sectional Discord

European powers have colonies to manufactured goods to, so in order to keep up, the U. Do degrees of longitude fix constitutional limitations. Shall we abandon it. We will not renounce our part in the mission of our race, trustee, under God, of the civilization of the world.

Ominously, in Roosevelt's historic December corollary to the Monroe doctrine, the Roughrider had stated: The Declaration has no application to the present situation. Imperialism If God and mission were the road to Manifest Destiny, imperialism was the light that lit the way.

Until then military government is advisable. Yet especially in the Muslim world, these "value horizons" are often perceived as a form of crypto-racism and Orientalism.

The Declaration of Independence does not forbid us to do our part in the regeneration of the world.

Judith Beveridge Poem Essay

If it should prove a mistake to abandon it, the blunder once made would be irretrievable. ALBERT J.

Analysis of Albert Beveridge’s “America’s Destiny” Essay Sample

BEVERIDGE: In Support of an American Empire. Source: Record, 56 Cong., I Sess., pp. Had Aguinaldo not understood that in America, even in the American Congress, even here in the Senate, he and his cause were supported; had he not known that it was proclaimed on the stump and in the press of a faction in the United States.

"The March of the Flag" is about Albert Beveridge's espousal and promotion of American imperialism. In it, he puts forth that whites are the master race and God's chosen people and bear the unique privilege and responsibility of exercising rule over foreign peoples and lands, according to Fordham University.

Write a short essay about the concept of Manifest Destiny in United States history. Your essay should be 1½ to 2½ pages in length. To get up to (out of ) points on this essay, follow the instructions for the A paper (below). After retirement, he wrote what still is the standard biography of America's first 'grand nationalist,' John Marshall (Beveridge, ), and his widow donated $50, to the American Historical Association, endowing a Beveridge Memorial Fund for research and the Albert J.

Beveridge Award.

American Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny Essay Sample

Analysis of Albert Beveridge’s “America’s Destiny” Essay Sample. In Albert Beveridge’s speech “America’s Destiny”, he argues for the U.S. to keep the Philippines after winning it from Spain in Manifest Destiny And Sectional Discord Since the time of the term Manifest Destiny appeared it had many meanings and definitions.

For Americans, after the successful end of the war, the feeling of Nationalism extended its victorious lands.

Analysis of albert beveridges americas destiny essay
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ALBERT J. BEVERIDGE, "In Support of an American Empire"